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TOPIC atoz
hooters 20
Hooters 16
80's 8
Boobs 7
Podcast 7
podcast 7
video store 7
70's 6
90's 6
Funny or Die Video Archive 6
Gore 6
boobs 6
comedy 6
reviews 6
violence 6
entertainment 5
horror 5
movie 5
parody 5
McGinty podcast 4
gore 4
interview 4
low budget 4
movie reviews 4
pop culture 4
radio 4
sexy 4
vhs 4
actors 3
cult 3
directors 3
film 3
horror movies 3
movies 3
schlock 3
sex 3
skits 3
sleaze 3
trash video 3
weird news 3 2
3 penises 2
911 is for emergencies not problems with your food order 2
@ mentioning the cocaine fueled orgy couple last week 2
A overweight stripper could be successful 2
Affleck cheated on Jennifer Garner 2
An evolutionary process 2
Anthony beating a drunken Bobo on video for puking in his house 2
Anthony drunkenly attacking Opie 2
Anthony is funny and talented 2
Anthony spraying Bobo with cleaning products 2
Anthony's abuse allegations 2
Anthony's alcoholism 2
Anthony's opinions on race 2
Anthony's wonderland house 2
Ariana Grande says she hates America 2
Attempting the old school movie voice like Evan Peters on American Horror story Hotel 2
Back to the nerd glasses 2
Because of their age I don't think they should be put in the same category as real sexual predators 2
Blood 2
Bobo approached me because of my Opie and Anthony shirt 2
Bobo can't defend himself 2
Bobo from Opie and Anthony 2
Bobo telling my wife about dogs licking peanut butter off genitals 2
Bobo's one man band bit 2
Boo 2
Brain bleed from duct tape challenge 2
Buddy Holly 2
Bullying an autistic 2
Candace Cameron Vs. Whoopi 2
Candace Cameron on the view 2
Cheers with the microphone 2
Chipolte again 2
Cleared the room but who the fuck knows 2
Cliches 2
Cool! 2
Crutch using jizz bag 2
Dani's periscope video didn't come off well for her 2
Did he play Weekend at Bernie's style? 2
Did it suck? 2
Disgusting woman attacks boyfriend when he refuses sex 2
Do I want to talk about any of these stories? 2
Dogs also enjoy shit 2
Dogs love puke 2
Don't do this stupid fucking shit 2
Don't support Chipolte 2
Donald Trump didn't participate 2
Duct tape challenge injury 2
Facebook privacy settings 2
Fuck chipolte in their assholes 2
Full shows at 2
Funny line to start the story 2
Getting Johnny back on the show 2
Glasses back on 2
Happy black history month pretty soon 2
Happy fucking anniversary to me 2
Having difficult saying tumultuous 2
He didn't put it in his asshole the fucking amateur 2
He said there sure area lot of overweight women working here 2
He was pantsless at the park 2
He was really drunk at the end of the comedy show 2
Helicoptering his cock 2
High school students shouldn't be charged for sex crimes for sexting each other 2
How do women feel about creepy guys doing creepy things? 2
How do you know Jesus is against it 2
How obnoxious is it to listen to me listen to me listening to me listening to me? 2
However if that's going on there is a problem with the relationship to begin with 2
I AM going to scream not sing 2
I am feeling it 2
I am going to bring back the word icky 2
I am not blaming him for my poor decisions 2
I am putting this out publicly 2
I apologize 2
I can see fine without my nerd glasses 2
I can see the veins in my neck 2
I could be fucking Houdini 2
I could have people try to remove a chastity belt like Thor's hammer 2
I didn't eat much yesterday 2
I didn't hear back 2
I didn't mean that 2
I didn't watch the republican debate 2
I do 2
I do like Wax and Dumbfounded 2
I don't give a fuck 2
I don't know about seamen 2
I don't know his motivation 2
I don't know if the periscope link is public 2
I don't know shit about this Wiz Kayne beef 2
I don't need my nerd glasses to read 2
I don't need to scream 2
I don't think they enjoy blood 2
I don't want that part of my life around anymore 2
I doubt that will happen 2
I enjoy a good orgasm 2
I enjoy this discussion on which item would be the best to remove one's penis 2
I give up on the voice too quickly 2
I guess it is possible that there was real cause 2
I have a lot of good ideas 2
I have been rambling nonsensically for about twenty minutes 2
I have moved in a new direction and I'm not looking back 2
I have never been to Chipolte 2
I have received a thank you 2
I have seen bond set for much more serious offenses 2
I have turned it around as an adult 2
I hope that benefits Paul 2
I hope you are doing well and you have turned your life around 2
I kind of enjoyed them doing that 2
I know this is a ground breaking revelation 2
I look pale and I'm jittery 2
I love all 2
I meant negative story 2
I need more confidence 2
I need to be here doing this 2
I not 100% anti-Anthony 2
I posted it the periscope video to facebook while I took a break 2
I said I was going to do that for the Oil guy last week 2
I should do the duct tape challenge and the condom challenge at the same time 2
I should just do a random story now 2
I submit that this woman may have been on the drugs 2
I suggest you do the same 2
I support the community 2
I support you 2
I supported Anthony when he was fired 2
I think it sucked 2
I think when older generations die society will be more permissive and accepting 2
I want to talk about Anthony Cumia later 2
I want weirdos on the show like this woman 2
I wanted the dietz on the cocaine fueled orgy 2
I was a terrible teenager 2
I was drawn to the wrong crowd 2
I was laughing 2
I was off-roading a bit 2
I was reserving judgment 2
I wasn't impressed 2
I will @ mention her and see if she wants to come on the show and throw platters at me whilst nude 2
I will do it 2
I will not have people like that in my life 2
I will only seek out supportive positive people 2
I wonder if she was throwing the platters like Frisbees 2
I would assume that is because one checks social media when they could be sleeping 2
I would get a crown for the winner and we could write god of pussy on it 2
I would keep my penis over my entire upper body 2
I would like to get these things done 2
I'll try to catch the food when she throws platters at me 2
I'm a wreck 2
I'm back 2
I'm commenting on the headlines 2
I'm doing it! 2
I'm doing this sexting story cold 2
I'm going to go through every show I've ever done! 2
I'm in a decent mood 2
I'm just the puppet master 2
I'm not feeling rap music these days 2
I'm permissive sexually as long as it's between consenting adult living humans 2
I'm pumping it up leave me alone 2
up-solid down-solid